Our next catalogue will be out in December 2008. We can only supply to New Zealand customers - see side panel - as I'm sorry but we do not export bulbs, only seed. On the rest of this page you will find some pictures and descriptions - click on the thumbnails to open up a full sized picture. Our thanks to all our customers for another excellent year. Hope you are all enjoying your bulbs in spite of the atrocious weather!
ARUM PALAESTINUM Attractive arrow shaped green foliage and very striking flowers with rich velvety purplish black spathes. Grows well and is definitely a conversation piece.
BABIANA RUBRO-CYANEA Striking Babiana with cups of royal blue with a crimson centre on 15-20cm stems August-October. Likes plenty of moisture and will grow in a clay soil. One of the best.
BABIANA 'WHITE KING' Easy to grow in a sunny position. Robust spikes of white flowers.
FREESIA ALBA A clean bright white, marked with gold on the lower petal and some purple stripes in the throat. Easy.
IPHEION SELLOWIANUM Lovely dwarf bulb with masses of golden yellow flowers in winter & spring. Also good in pots.
IPHEION UNIFLORUM WHITE Charming, free flowering bulb. White, scented, star-like flowers 2.5cm across on 10cm stems in early Spring. Sun. Well drained soil.

LACHENALIA VIRIDIFLORA This one is quite extraordinary. A fairly typical Lachenalia flower shape but in a stunning electric green colour. A must have!
LACHENALIA MUTABILIS A choice Lachenalia with pale blue and yellow bell shaped flowers tipped with Dark brown. Top third of stem electric blue. Aug-Sept. Well drained soil.
LAPEIROUSIA GRANDIFLORA Will only grow outside in warmer districts. Attractive large red flowers on 30cm stems.
MORAEA ARISTATA (MORAEA GLAUCOPSIS) A superb plant with large white flowers on 30cm stems with conspicuous peacock eyes of pale and deep blue. Easy. September.
MORAEA VILLOSA HYBRIDS The beauty of these 'peacock flowers' is unsurpassed. Mxd purple or blue to white shades with a dazzling blue or green eye. 40cms. Good cut flower.
NARCISSUS CANTABRICUS A beautiful dainty white hoop petticoat. Very free flowering in early winter. Recommended. Lower price this year so you can enjoy the delights of this gorgeous little daffodil.
NARCISSUS JONQUILLA The well known jonquil, easily grown. Several strongly scented deep yellow flowers on each stem in early spring.
ONIXOTIS TRIQUETRA Formerly called Dipidax triquetra. Lovely bulb for moist situations, even the edge of a pond. Long rolled green leaves & in Spring spikes of handsome white flowers flushed pink. Good cut flower
SCILLA RAMBUREI This charming native of Spain & Portugal is like a more robust Scilla verna with somewhat flattened flower heads.
SPREKELIA FORMOSISSIMA The striking and beautiful Jacobean lily. Large, showy, interestingly shaped dark red flowers. Good for picking. Plant outside or in containers.
kellydalenursery026.jpg TRITONIA SQUALIDA Soft shell pink flowers with almost transparent edges. October flowering. Open sunny position in well drained soil. Unusual.
VELTHEIMIA BRACTEATA NEW Large flowers a bit like those of an Aloe are a luscious crushed strawberry colour. Beautiful glossy dark green foliage & the fact that it's a great cut flower all add up to this being a splendid bulb. Large bulbs may mean extra postage. Give it a well drained position in part shade.
ZEPHYRANTHES VERECUNDA Lovely dwarf species for the rock garden or front of border with brilliant white flowers for quite a long period in Spring and early summer.