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Welcome to the home page of Tony and Jenny Palmer
We run a small mail order nursery specialising in rare and unusual bulbs. We apologise for the problems with our website and hope that we have now corrected these. Our 2008 catalogue is now closed and we are busy working on our next one which we hope will include a number of interesting new items. Those of you who purchased bulbs from our 2008 catalogue will automatically receive the 2009 catalogue in December. If new customers would like a catalogue please request one by e-mail and it will be sent to you as a free e-mail attachment. If you want a hard copy please send us a stamped addressed envelope and enclose $3 in stamps. Because there are a lot of colour photos we have to charge a small amount to recover some of our production costs.

On other pages you can share our interests, and maybe follow the links to some of our favourite sites.
Bulbs illustrated above are, from left to right:
Lachenalia reflexa, Gladiolus cardinalis and Tigridia pavonia white
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A series of pictures of the fabulous Worsleya rayneri. Page may be slow to load but I think you'll agree it's well worth the wait.
Just bulb pics 2!
A menu for the Oxalis pages. The name frightens people but they are superb container plants, and the species we grow are quite well behaved, and never set seed. More added this update
Send a Greeting Card to a friend over the Internet for free from right here. Choose from a big selection of images. We hope to be adding some of our own shortly
See many more photos of the plants we grow on our new PictureTrail page where we now have several albums of bulb photos and 1 album of other plants including alpines. We were on Photopoint, who have now disappeared offline without so much as an an e-mail to their 1.6 million members to explain what happened! We apologise to those of you who haven't been able to access this resource but it was of course beyond our control. Fortunately, unlike many people we kept copies of all the pics we had on there. We are currently uploading more so check back with us from time to time. We are fast running out of space here so this is like an overflow page. Don't forget to come back afterwards :)
A little of the natural history of where we live - photos and facts
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Updated August 2008
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