Your Virtual Greeting Awaits

You don't see the person sneaking up behind you.
You are unaware of what is about to happen.....
If only you knew what was about to happen.....
If only you knew.
Closer and closer they come. You drop your book, and crouch down
    to pick it up.....
If only you knew.
They choose this time to strike.
Quickly, they rush towards you, grab the top of your underwear,  and pull.
They pull hard.
You have been wedgied.
You either laugh, or cringe with pain. If only you knew....

Image is Copyrighted to DavidFarley
Mr Potato Head being Wedgied by Mr Leek

You have just received a virtual wedgie!
That has got to sting...

wedgies have been inflicted so far!!

Aren't you tired of receiving all those "virtual flowers" and "virtual hugs"? Well, here's your chance to do something about it! Forward the email or message that brought you here to all of your closest friends (or for that matter your enemies as well) and share with them this personal online greeting.

This greeting page was started on 7th March 1998 with a goal of getting to 100,000 wedgies by 1st June, 1998, but, as you can see, We have been inundated with hits. A more suitable goal then was 1,000,000....We got that within a few months. Then there a few problems with the counter, and life went on, so I think it is about time that we spread the love again! So why not make it 2 million!! I think we can do it....I need your help, so SEND THOSE WEDGIES!!!

To send this greeting to your friend/enemies just cut and paste the following text into an email, and send away!

Pass it along and help the cause...

>You have been sent a virtual greeting! To retrieve this online
>message,  simply go to the following URL:
>Please forward this message on anyone who you feel can benefit
>from the greeting.
>Have a great day!!


  Also mentioned in the ChristchurchPress on 21 April 1998