On this page I have set out the websites and books that I have found particularly useful in compiling this website. I have also set out some genealogical weblinks that may be of interest to others wishing to  further their research on nautical matters or research their ancestors.


Naval History Webpages

Pictures of Ships in the Australian Trade - (summary of sources from the Australian National Maritime Museum)

Maritime History Resources

Victoria Cross Pages

Wikipedia Victoria Cross- very good up to date website
Wikipedia Victoria Cross -Samuel's Page
The History of the Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross Awards -- 1854-1914 - (includes a copy of the Royal Warrant establishing the Victoria Cross)
Victoria Cross Resources

Victoria Cross Research

British Army

British Regiments Webring

General New Zealand Related Webpages

Christchurch, New Zealand - my hometown
Westland District Council Tourism Page

New Zealand Wars Websites

New Zealand Wars
Armstrong Gun
New Zealand Defence Forces 1860-1863

Web Design


General Genealogical Webpages

Cyndi's List - the best starting place for genealogical research
Legacy's Genealogical Computer Program
Genealogy Mailing Lists on the Internet

United Kingdom Genealogical Webpages

The UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service (GENUKI) - THE genealogical website for the UK.
United Kingdom Place Locator
A-Z of British Genealogical Research
Public Record Office
Bedfordshire Family History Society

New Zealand Genealogical Webpages

New Zealand Geographic Names Database
National Library of New Zealand
Archives New Zealand
New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages
New Zealand Gen Web
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - New Zealand

Australia Genealogical Webpages

State Library of New South Wales
State Library of Victoria

Australia/New Zealand Shipping Lists

Passenger Ships Arriving in Australasian Ports 1837-1905
AUSNZ Passenger Lists
Passenger Lists


The books listed below all deal with aspects of Royal Navy history in the 1850's -1860's when Samuel was a seaman and the Battle of Gate Pa.

1. Ships on the Australia Station
    John Bastock
    ISBN 0-86777-348-0

2. The British Sailor - A Social History of the Lower Decks
    Peter Kemp
    ISBN 0-460-03957-1

3.  Before the Mast - Naval Ratings of the 19th Century
     Henry Baynham
     Hutchinson - 1970
     ISBN: 0-09-107170-4

4. Hurrah for the Life of a Sailor - Life on the Lower Deck of the Victorian Navy
    John Winton
    Michael Joseph Ltd. - 1977
    ISBN: 0-7181-1580-3

5. Ships in Australian Waters
    Peter J. Williams and Roderick Serle
    Angus and Robertson Ltd. - 1968
    National Library of Australia No. AUS 67-2198

6. The Australia Station - A History of the Royal Navy in the South West Pacific 1821-1913
    John Bach
    New South Wales University Press - 1986
    ISBN: 0 86840 393 8

7. The Navy in Transition - A Social History 1814-1864
   Michael Lewis
   Hodder and Stoughton - 1965

8. The Victoria Cross at Sea
    John Winton
    Michael Joseph Ltd. - 1978
    ISBN: 0-7181-1701-8

9. Britain's Maritime Memorials & Mementoes
   David Saunders
   Patrick Stephens Ltd. - 1996
   ISBN: 1 85260 466 2
10.  The New Zealand Wars - And the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict
       James Belich
       Auckland University Press - 1986
       ISBN: 1-86940-012-7

11. Walking the Waikato Wars - Maori Triumph at Gate Pa: 29 April 1864
      Chris Pugsley
      New Zealand Defence Quarterly: No. 19 - Summer 1997.
      ISSN: 1172-4803

12. The Story of Gate Pa
      Captain Gilbert Mair
      Bay of Plenty Times Ltd. - 1926
      No ISSN

13. The Pa Maori
      Elsdon Best
      Museum of New Zealand - First published 1927 - Reprinted 1995
      ISBN 0-909010-39-0

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