This Website is for all those of you who enjoy these pocket rockets. With a 1600 or 1800 cc 4WD DOHC 16 Valve Intercooled Turbo Charged engine under the hood, what more could you ask for in a small car. With a few modifcations these 4WD monsters can be turned into a awesome fun machine. I have owned my GTX for about 5 years now, imported from Japan end of 1994.

I haven't had to much modifications done to it, had a custom made exhaust, the suspension changed to KYB, Motorsport Engineering Blow Off Valve, watersprayer on the intercooler and altered the boost pressure with a valve and pipe arrangement with dash mounted pressure gauge and fuel mixture and fuel injector displays. Also have Momo car accessories, Steering wheel and gear change knob, plus a kick butt Alpine car audio system.



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