Raoul Island


Quite some time ago, 1957 actually, I was lucky to be selected to go on an expedition to Raoul Island in the Kermedec group.   This was quite an experience and for years afterward I often found myself saying "When I was on Raoul" whenever I felt an anacdote coming on that seemed to suit the occasion.   Someone eventually suggested I write it all down, so I did.   Put it all in a rough timeline and printed it out on A4.   This circulated among family and friends and was well received.

Next of course was to put it on the net.   I was using Netscape at the time and it had a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page generator.   I used that and eventually got it out there, but it was pretty rough and I hate to think what it looked like on some browsers!!   Even so over a few years it racked up over 3000 hits and quite a lot of complimentary Emails.

Then in 1976 I got myself posted to Libya, supposedly for one year but it ended up four.   When I eventually got home and after many years I did the same with the Libya experience.   Wrote it up as an A4 size book, then transferred it to the same homepage on my server as the Raoul story.   Used a different WYSIWYG page maker but the result was no better.

So now I am trying to improve things.   I have a book from the library called Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS. By Virginia DeBolt.   It's good, it must be because I can understand a lot of it.   Its all done using Notepad to write the code, not a WYSIWYG in sight.   Yes I have plenty of time.

Incidentally I have used Firefox as my preferred browser and it has coped beautifully with all the XHTML tags I have used.   I have also checked it with Opera and that too works perfectly.   However Internet Explorer below version 7.0 does not work well!!