A Visit back to Hooe in Sussex

In 1997 Laurie Moore (a descendent of David Carey through (Emily Elizabeth Carey) visited the village of Hooe and the surrounding districts.

Laurie was able to locate the House in Hooe where David Carey was born on January 25 1814 by showing an old photograph to the local postman who  recognised it immediately. Known as Talleys cottage the cottage was believed by the owner to have been built around 1804. The Talley name possibly originates  from the fact that it occupies the tally place for bodies of plague victims buried in the field behind the cottage.

Not far from the Cottage is St Oswalds Church (knowh as St James at the time of David and Mary Careys time there) The church occupies the site of an earlier church built in Saxon times in the eighth century. Part of the present structure dates back to Norman times  but it has been greatly modified over the years.

Village life in Hooe revolves around the pub ie the Red Lion which is also a historic establishment dating back to 1495. In the 18th century the pub was known as the centre of smuggling activities. From here Laurie (on left) was able to track down the only active Carey remaining in Hooe, Richard Carey (on right) who is a wheelwright and Coach Builder

Laurie was able to locate Barnhorn(e) Manor leased by our ancestor Thomas Carey for a short time around 1737. There are in fact two Barnhorn(e) Manors but the one pictured on the right is the most likely one leased by Thomas. It is described as a substantial rambling building with outbuildings including stables and a keepers cottage.

St Leonards the birthplace of Hannah Carey (nee Hutchinson) was visited, but Laurie was unable to locate the memorial window in a church reputed to be dedicated to Hannah .

Laurie and his wife Robyn found the visit to be thoroughly enjoyable. The area is rich with attractions such as Battle and the 1066 battlefield, Rudyard Kiplings' manor house, Bodiam Castle, Sheffield Park Gardens and the Blue Bell steam railway

The Origin of the name Hooe (pronounced "who") is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Hou meaning an elevation.

We are indebted to Laurie & Robyn Moore for the information and photographs on this page. If you wish to obtain further details please contact Laurie by clicking on the link below.
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