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David & Hannah Carey along with David's Sister Mary & her husband Benjamin Coleman were amongst the earliest settlers in Otago New Zealand
They arrived on the
Magnet at Waikouati on the 18th of March 1840 . This was before the declaration of British sovereignty over New Zealand and a full eight years before the Establishment of Dunedin by settlers arriving on the immigrant ships John Wickliffe and Philip Laing

Over the years the contribution of the earliest settlers of Otago including the Carey's and the Coleman's has been largely ignored by many historians. As a consequence, many to believe that European settlement of Otago started in 1848 when the truth was that there was already some small thriving settlements in Otago by this time. The support and provision of food and other supplies provided by these established settlers was crucial to the survival of the settlers arriving in 1848.

David had an eventful life which included shearing the first sheep in Otago, milling timber, boat building and operating Coastal traders, farming, gold mining  and owning and operating the Evansdale Hotel.
He should also be remembered as being the first person to pilot the first boat up to where Dunedin now stands  and in the early distillation of Whisky  which was sold or battered with the earliest settlers .

David & Hannah had  ten children and their descendents now number many hundreds scattered around New Zealand and overseas. A significant number however are still to be found in the Port Chalmers area where David and Hannah spent much  of their lives.

This home page is intended to provide a focus for ongoing research into the Carey's, the Coleman's and their many descendents. Feel free to contact us if you have any contributions or corrections to make to the information provided on these pages.
The information here is the compilation of  the efforts of many descendents

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