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Custom Baling of
Industrial and Recycled Material

Market Advantage

This technique has the advantage that:

  • The loading facility has the ability to take in over six cubic meters each time.
  • This large volume reduction means that this technique is likely to make a real difference to the viability of baling bulky difficult and low value materials like plastics.
  • This technique has the potential to make a real difference to putting together realistic volumes for better marketing of these previously difficult to market materials.
  • The mobile feature means that handling and transporting these difficult to handle materials will be less of an issue.


Construction Advantage

The pressure is applied directly to both ends of the bale rather than indirectly via a friction chamber. Two pairs of 200mm hydraulic cylinders are mounted by their headstock within a central bulkhead. The pistons are connected to the end gates by large channel drawbeams, the stresses resulting from the final stages of compression are very localised because all the thrust and lateral pressures are contained within this centralised bulkhead.

It is this feature that gives the potential to go from 90% of the overall chamber length down to possibly 15% of the overall chamber length and makes it manageable for transporting and containing this amount of muscle and weight.


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