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Custom Baling of
Industrial and Recycled Material


Products and Services

Offering a regular service to bale difficult and highly compressible materials to specifications right at the top end of the industry in terms of bale size and density.

A bale 1.1m x 1.1m x average 2.2m long has the objective of achieving maximum loading in a 40ft (12 m) shipping container. Twenty bales @ 1300kg equals 26 ton (max load) which is readily achievable in news print and soft plastic. Cardboard 1200kg and hard plastics are quite variable. Recent trials in baling car and truck tires show that two ton bales are readily achievable; however, there are still issues with securing the bale as the steel strap cannot be applied in the main chamber.

Target market

  • Industries serious about their ISO accreditation, this technique has the potential to make a real difference to the reprocessing of some of the more difficult sections of the waste stream.
  • Waste contractors wanting to offer an improved service to their clients.
  • Reprocessors requiring better quality materials from targeted sources.
  • Communities facing increased charges for waste disposal.

View our "Recycling Solutions" brochure (sxp_recsol.pdf, 786 KB).


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