Beth            April
Beth Henderson has been the Ani-
mal Technician  for the AB Center most years  since 1993, managing the donor rams and the teaser ew -
es.  Beth  also trains  the  rams  for semen  collection,  which  requires infinite patience  and  exceptional animal handling skills!

April Bacon Laboratory Technicia-
n, has done most of the semen pr -
ocessing at  the  AB  Center  since 1996. April's methodical approach ensures that  each  sample  meets high standards  for  semen  quality
or  is  discarded.  April  also assists with the AI work.
sheep semen sheep semen sheep semen
To facilitate
 the genetic improvement  of  New Zealand's sheep industry by distributing quality genetic semen material from proven superior sires.
Promoting the benefits of the use of elite genes and encouraging their use through the provision of quality animal breeding services  which  meet  the needs of New Zealand sheep breeders.

Highest Quality
Genetic Gains Ltd strives towards providing breeders with a service of the
highest quality.

Intensive Breeding
Julia Aspinall, the principal owner of Genetic Gains Ltd has specialised in animal breeding since 1985 and has been heavily involved in some of NZ's
most intensive breeding operations.

These include a  large  angora  goat  programme, LambXL's 'New Breed' Quarantine, Silverstream's  East  Friesians, Tara Hills Supreme  Merinos and numerous on-farm programmes.

She  has  been  involved  in  several  international  projects, including the recovery of Awassi embryos for importation into New Zealand  from  Israel in 1990 and 1991.

While in Israel, the Gulf War began which resulted in some very interesti-
ng  extra  challenges! More recently, Julia has been travelling  to Oregon, USA for artificial insemination projects.

Julia has a B.H.Sc., M.Sc. and NZIM Dip. Mgt.


     Semen Collection
  The ewe on the right is held in    a  static position ready  for  the
   ram  to  be released through a    door in front him.

      Rams in training.
  Two seven month old ram hog-
  gets  being trained  for  semen

Genetic Gains Ltd  produce  a ram semen catalogue featuring genetically superior sires.
All rams featured in the catalogue have been proven to be genetically supe-
rior either by sire referencing,  progeny  testing  or some other comparative trial.
This ensures  that  the  genes  offered are from among the most productive rams in New Zealand.
The  photo  on  the  the  left  upper shows  the ewe on right being held in a static poisition before the ram on left is introduced to her for semen collect-

Semen Sales:
Having the ram featured in the catalogue is a free service for breeders, who benefit from the advertising, the recognition of having bred or purchased an elite sire and revenue from semen sales.
The catalogue is distributed to farmers in New Zealand who have shown an
interest in AI.
To order a catalogue, please email: julia@genetic-gains.co.nz

International Market:
NZ  has  a  wide  range  of sheep genetics of a very high quality. Overseas breeders  are  invited  to specify their requirements for ram semen. Genetic Gains  will then find the donor animals which meet these requirements and process  the  semen  according  to  the appropriate export health protocol. Quotations are supplied on request, please email: julia@genetic-gains.co.nz

        Semen Storage
Part of the Semen storage tanks.
The Semen straws are first rapid-
ly  frozen  in  a  large dedicated freezer  then transfered  to these specialized storage  tanks  which are  filled   with   liquid nitrogen and kept at a constant -196 degr-

        Semen Straw
The straw above the pen is 130mm in length (5-1/2inches).

Genetic Gains Ltd  is  pleased to announce that from February 1999, the business  is leasing  the  Woodlands Artificial Breeding  (AB)  Centre  from AgResearch. This  is  a  very exciting development for Genetic Gains, as we are now able to provide our clients with  a more complete range of services.

Semen Storage:
The AB Centre  consists  of  a 1.8  hectares  of  land,  a laboratory, semen storage  area  and  sheep  handling  facilities. Rams  and bucks are health tested before being admitted to the Centre and are frequently monitored for liveweight and general health. Breeders can be sure their valuable sires are receiving very good care.
Services provided by the AB Centre include:

* Ram and buck semen collection.
 Processing for domestic use and export.
* Semen storage.
* Semen dispatch.
Genetic Gains Ltd  will  continue  to  provide these services and will strive towards continually improving the quality and range of services offered,
please email  julia@genetic-gains.co.nz

  Artificial Inseminating
    Julia   demonstrating   the     Intrauterine (Laparoscopic)
    Artificial Insemination (AI)

Inseminating Technique

Genetic Gains Ltd and Premier Genetics NZ Ltd
  work together, offeri-
ng on-farm breeding services for sheep and goats.
These include:

* Intrauterine (Laparoscopic) Artificial Insemination (AI).
  The average conception rate is 75% with frozen semen.

* Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET).
  The average Embryo hold rate is 75%.

A  very  specialised laparoscopic embryo recovery tecnique is offered. This highly skilled technique subjects the valuable doner ewe to  a  minimum of trauma, and allows repeated embryo collections with a much  reduced risk of permanent damage compared to the traditional surgical technique.

Inseminating technique

Half of the belly wool is removed, and the abdomen is sterilised. A laparpo-
scope and an inseminating pipette containing the straw are inserted throu-
gh two very small holes at locally anaesthetised sites. Half a straw of sem-
en is injected direcly into each horn of the uterus.

Do-it-yourself Cervical AI and Ram Semen Collection Courses:
These  courses  are  designed  for  sheep  farmers  who  have  a  small number  of   genetically superior sires  on their property which they would like to use over large numbers of ewes.

Do-it-yourself Cervical AI Courses:
are held on request for a minimum  of  4  and  a  maximum  of  6  people  per  course. A comprehensive manual is included, and at the end of the one day course participants are  fully  competent  to  carry out cervical  AI  on their own sheep.

Ram Semen Collection Courses:
are held on request for a maximum of 4 people per course. This is also a  one  day  course including  a comprehensive manual. It covers ram semen collection and handling, processing for immediate use and field assessment.

Cow AI:
Cow AI services have  been  offered to farmers in the Southland area since 1993, and up to 4,000  cows per year are now inseminated.   julia@genetic-gains.co.nz


            Net Profit
Genetic improvement or cumulative Net Profit over Three Sheep Gener-

Use of rams achieving an average rate of genetic improvement (compared to no genetic improvement) results in an increase in cumula-
tive net profit of tens of thousands of dollars for an average sheep farmer over ten years.

Use of elite rams (compared to average rams) can more than double a  breeders  rate  of  genetic improvement as well as cumulative net profit (see graph at left).

AI and MOET helps breeders to achieve a rapid rate of genetic improve-
ment and thus high value ram sales.
AI with frozen-thawed semen allows use of elite sires even after they are injured or dead.

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