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It all depends





It all depends on where I'm going
if I reach my anywhere,
but this I'm surely,  surely knowing,
that I'll never leave God's care;
it all depends on where I'm travelling,
maybe now or maybe then,
but the Son of God will lead me
through each where and why and when.

It all depends on how I'm choosing
for the life that is in me,
but I will never lose the hand of Christ,
the one who walks with me;
if I stumble or I falter
he will steady me once more,
for there is no darkest pathway
that we cannot both explore.

It all depends on who comes with me
if I break or if I bend,
but this I'm surely,  surely knowing
God will be there at the end  -
in the laughter and the sadness,
in the pleasure or the pain,
by my side and all about me
God's own Spirit will remain.

    words and music © Colin Gibson 1998


Permission is given to reproduce this material,  with acknowledgement,
for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.



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