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Dr Ilaitia Delasau and Irene Kelemete
            were married on April 22 at St Mary's in the City, Christchurch. Ilaitia, a Fijian was brought up Methodist in Fiji, and Irene, Samoan, comes from a very devout Catholic family. Both Ilaitia and Irene have attended services at Glenaven over a period of years, and they have been present for many of the high moments in the life of that congregation. Both have graduated during that time, he as a doctor and she as a dentist, and bothj now practice in Invercargill. Many people in our parish rejoice with them in their marriage.
Many of are aware of the unwavering support of Malcolm Gould and Euan Thomson for them both, especially for Ilaitia in the long and demanding journey towards graduation. Malcolm was fittingly honoured at the wedding, and gave a most moving speech at the reception. We thought it was worth tacking to our website as a human testimony to a love that has not counted the cost . .

Parish Says Thankyou to Evan Lewis as Webmaster
            Dunedin Methodist Parish

Glimpses of God in Godzone
            David Poultney

Reflections at the ocean
            Margaret Parkinson 

The staircase to Heaven
            David Bromell's address to the Glenaven congregation
           on July 4,  2004.

Journey into faith and acceptance
            Stephanie Scott's testimony on her baptism and reception into membership
            at Glenaven in December 2003.   


             Margaret Parkinson remembers an event from her childhood

Same tune in different time

Melanie Bunce identifies with sixties protest

Overcoming violence by threat of force

Geoff King wrestles with the paradox of making and keeping peace

Appreciating Mornington congregation

Trish Patrick's reflection on Mornington's 125th Anniversary celebration,  September 2001

For single-parent families

Lilian O'Kane offered this prayer in a pre-Christmas Mornington service of worship

Leslie Neale  . . . a man of faith and vision

Leah Taylor's biography,  reviewed by Donald Phillipps

Ministering the gospel in a time of change  (1907-1999)

a reflection by supernumerary minister,  Selwyn Dawson.

Rita Snowden  (1907-1999)

Donald Phillipps details her 68 publications.


How much real kindness do we see in our daily lives?
asks Margaret Parkinson

A Rosalie story

A recent departee from this parish describes how her thinking has developed,
and how what she believes has consequences for what she does.

'A unique and fateful time'

Reprinting the Crosslink profile of pagekeeper Evan Lewis.

Is there room for everyone in the inn?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Church of the 21st century were to set
the same standards of love,  acceptance and understanding as did its inspiration?

The Church and homosexuality

A parent's endeavour to promote understanding.

Is God a man?

Personal pain made this a critical question for one member of our community.

Celebrating music with Colin Gibson

In 1997  Colin's contribution over 40 years and more was marked at a special parish event.



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