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Dunedin Methodist Mission
Worldwatch Institute
Brain Food - Jay Hanson
Peace Movement Aotearoa (NZ)
Environmental Research Foundation - Rachel
Context Institute
People-centred Development Forum - David Korten
Churches' Agency on Social Issues  (NZ)

Durham Street Methodist Mission Church - Christchurch, NZ
Invercargill Methodist Church  (NZ)
The Association of Reconciling Christians and Congregations  (NZ)
The Center for Progressive Christianity
The Community of St Luke - Auckland, NZ
New Zealand Interfaith Group
Christianity for the Third Millennium
Glide Memorial - San Francisco
Bill Loader's Home Page

The Methodist Church in New Zealand
The Methodist Church in Britain
The United Methodist Church  (US)
The United Church of Canada
The Uniting Church in Australia
The Methodist Church of Sri Lanka
The Methodist Church in Singapore


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