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Spirituality - a Potential Source of Wisdom for Bioethics, and the Regulation of Genetic Engineering Technology
We welcome Greg Hughson back to our site. Greg is the Ecumenical Chaplain at Otago University. He himself is from a scientific background, and this article is a thoughtful and stimulating contribution to immensely important issues that exercise the minds of scientisits and theologians alike.

An eagle's eye view of the G8 summit
      Margaret Parkinson 7/05

      Donald Phillipps applies some relevant texts

Worse and worse under GWB
      Ken Russell's disquiet

Fahrenheit 9/11
      Ken Russell's response to Michael Moore's film

Old faiths,  new world
      David Lange's 8/04 presentation at Otago University

Power,  terror,  and leadership
      Revd Ken Russell offers a reading of George W. Bush

A better way?
      Ken Russell underlines the need for Restorative Justice.

Project Aqua
      Elizabeth Brooke-Carr is horrified at Meridian's proposal.

Why no transparency?
      Ken Russell asks the question.

Appointment of a gay bishop
      Bishop Penny Jamieson reflects on the controversy.

The need for fair terms of food trade
      Well-off countries must be practical in their concern for the poor.
            so says Bishop Penny Jamieson

The world's thirst for oil
      often hurts society's poorest, Bishop Penny Jamieson says

Saddam out,  economic bondage in
      Bishop Penny Jamieson's ODT column of April 22, 2003.

Embedded journalists
      Bishop Penny Jamieson reflects.

Hope in protests as war shifts the focus
      Does this begin the globalisation of democracy?   – Bishop Penny Jamieson

What's with that?
      Melanie Bunce:  "If only George W. Bush would do the same."

Pro-war rhetoric is atheism
      Dr Peter Matheson's address to a Melbourne peace vigil.

Same old tune in different time
      Melanie Bunce identifies with sixties protest.

Working for justice
      Dr Gerald Pillay draws on his South African experience.

A fable for our times
      A contribution from Aesop

American Methodist Bishop in anti-war TV commercial
      Associated Press news item, Jan 23, 2003

It's the Oil
      Stan Lusby provides background to current world events.

The Death of the Oil Economy
      Ted Trainor explains the prospects.

A modern-day fable
Penny Jamieson sees political implications in  The Lord of the Rings.

Raising Cain
Some elements of worship may promote violence,  suggests Colin Gibson.

Doublethink dominates discussions over Iraq
Chris Trotter underlines the 1984 connections.

Statement on the threat of war against Iraq
A joint statement by NZ Church Leaders.

Twin Towers anniversary
Bishop Penny Jamieson notes that the world has hardly changed.

Every bloke needs a meaningful hobby
Elspeth McLean offers America's First Lady some advice.

Western 'free trade' puts much of Africa in chains
Bishop Penny Jamieson.

Fund-raising,  or gambling on our future?
Bishop Penny Jamieson.

The media turns a blind eye to 'routine' violence
Bishop Penny Jamieson.

Not meeting the gold standard
    Bishop Penny Jamieson.

Weighing options to regain security
    Bishop Penny Jamieson.

Sparing the rod to save te child
    Bishop Penny Jamieson.

Time to think globally for global good
    Bishop Penny Jamieson.

Race for the moral low ground
    Bishop Penny Jamieson asks:  Are we becoming what we hate?

A small blow against globalization
    Bishop Penny Jamieson reflects on the People's Bank.

Interchurch Commission on Genetic Engineering
    submission to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification, November 2000

Globalization  --  there are alternatives
    World Council of Churches view.

Engendering jubilee  --  a new vision
    Debra Vitt's exploration of an important theme.

Designer Genes
    A compilation of relevant papers,  reviewed by Greg Hughson.

WTO not needed  -  in Seattle or anywhere.

Monsanto earns the 1998 Roger Award
    News release.

Monsanto earns the 1998 Roger Award
    Basis for the judgment.

Corporate Code of Responsibility
    drawn up by the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa.

Nine fallacies
    Selwyn Dawson challenges economic and social misconceptions.

The New Right reforms have been a dismal failure
    Kerry Grundy,  an Otago University researcher,
   gives a factual analysis of our experience of the last 15 years.

Cry shame!
    Kerry Grundy expresses outrage at the latest attack on the vulnerable in our society.

Social irresponsibility  -  where does the blame lie?
    Wesley Wellington Mission tells you what you have not been told
    about the proposed Code of Social and Family Responsibility.
    What NZ's  'economic miracle'  means to too many New Zealanders.

Who owns New Zealand?
    Key facts assembled by the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa

Crossing boundaries
    William Elderton's annotated list of teenage novels on issues of sexual abuse

    This title points to pages covering gay and lesbian issues in church and society.

The Community of Women and Men in Church and Society
    A standing committee of the national church,  based in Dunedin.
    Encouraging inclusive structures and processes within the church;
    responding to gender-related justice issues in the wider community.

Who cares?
    There is an intimate connection between the quest for social justice
        and the quest for the healing of the planet.

May the anger of Christ be mine   (song)
    In a world of restless change
    standing for love and faith and justice  . . .

Pharaoh's Chief Executive     (Genesis 47:13-26)
    The rich and powerful exploit and expropriate the poor  -
        it's not a new story.

Keep the women in line     (1 Timothy)
    We take a look at what this author  (who was not Paul)  has to say.

Good News to the Poor
    Donald Phillipps reviews a significant book by Theodore W. Jennings
      on  John Wesley's evangelical economics.

The Peoples Charter
    The joint statement of a diverse community of communities
    concerned for social justice in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.



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