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Reading  the  Bible

The idea here is to make the Bible more accessible to general readers.
Our contributors take up the challenge in a variety of ways.


The Sins of the Bible (Book Review)
            Noel Bracefield, a member of our Parish, gives us a useful summary of the contents of a recent book by John Shelby Spong, and a booklist of his own innovative reading of modern biblical scholarship. Thanks Noel.

Out of Africa  
Colin Gibson shares his fascinating insight into the Bible's little-known
African connection, together with a reflection entitled "When I think of Africa." As presented Mornington and Glenaven Churches March 12, 2006

500 Bible readings
         Hebrew scriptures      (63k)
         Christian scriptures      (69k)
  An apparatus,  with some background notes,
  to help you find your way around the Bible.

Getting real --   re--viewing our religion      (59k)

Humour in the Bible?  
     Evan Lewis's parish education script

Jesus sayings   a compilation      (37k)


Genesis  2 The Eden story   (Peter Gregory retells it)
Genesis  11 The Dark Tower   (Colin Gibson)
Genesis  47:13-26 Pharaoh's Chief Executive
Exodus  1:8 - 2:10 The baby in the basket
Judges  1 - 5 Into a new land
Judges  6 - 8 Over the horizon a new danger
Judges  9 Power  -  for what?
Judges  13 Samson the son
Judges  14:1 - 15:8 Samson the neighbour
Judges  16:23-31 Samson the hero
Judges  16:4-22

Kings   (Elijah)

Samson the man of God

God is not just a big noise (Colin Gibson)

Psalm  73


I almost gave up on you,  God

By being faithful         (Colin Gibson)

Proverbs 30
Song of Songs 8
1 John 4
Sex and the wisdom of the past

Mark 1;  Matthew 4 Just some ordinary fishermen
Matthew 21:33-46 Trouble at the vineyard
Luke,  Matthew Q for something different
The Pauline letters What Paul did NOT write
Making connections with Paul the apostle
Romans Paul,  to the Gentile Christians of Rome
Chapters      1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8
      9      10      11      12      13      14      15      16
Galatians The rejection of legalistic religion
Chapters      1, 2      3, 4      5, 6
1 Thessalonians Appreciation and encouragement
Chapters      1-3      4, 5
Philemon Paul's letter to Philemon
1 Timothy Keep the women in line
Revelation The man who had a wonderful dream



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