The Aurora & Solar Section of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand exists to encourage and publish observations of the Aurora Australis (the "Southern Lights") and the Sun.
Aurorae are reported monthly and may be accessed via our Reports Contents Page.

The Section has about 50 members, mostly in southern New Zealand where the aurorae are most commonly seen, but also in other parts of NZ and in Australia. It publishes monthly Newsletters. Once or twice a year Circulars are published containing detailed accounts of aurorae and also a summary of solar and geomagnetic observations. Articles of related material are normally included.

Predicting aurorae and Space Weather in general. This is not 100% reliable but try these links

Photos of the Aurora Australis
Photos of the Aurora Australis can be accessed from the links on our Aurora Australis Photos Page.

Photos of the Aurora Australis on 2001 March 31
Photos of this Aurora Australis can be accessed from the links on our March 31 Page.

Photos of the Aurora Borealis
Photos and other information of the Aurora Borealis can be accessed from the links on our Aurora Borealis Photos Page.

Amateur Solar Observing
At present twelve amateur solar observers are reporting their monthly observations of sunspots to the Section. You can find out more about this from the Section's Solar Observing Webpage.

Reports of Aurorae are Always Welcome.
Aurora Australis:Email details to me or print a form* for posting to me. * For descriptions of auroral forms and terms print yourself a copy of this form.

Aurora Borealis: reports will be conveyed to the Aurora Section of the British Astronomical Association.

The RASNZ Aurora & Solar Section is always on the look out for more members and/or observers. Annual subscription is $20 (any currency). However, we invite accurate solar and aurora observations from anyone! Enquiries welcome.

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