All dates and times UTC

Feb 1 10:30 Deep pink rays high in the SE and SW.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand

Feb 2 09:42 Diffuse aurora SSE to SW to 15 elev.
            09:56 Aurora at az 160 to 190 to less than 10 elev. From az 190 to 220 curtain up to 20 elev.
            11:12 Several tall narrow rays az 170 to 210 up to 20 elev. Ceased observing.
                (S45.3 E169.4) - Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand
            13:10 to 13:20 Glow SE to SW to 20 elev, IBC 2. Faint rays over glow. Reddish over main glow. Strong line in spectroscope.
            13:45 to 14:00 Rays more active now in SW extending to about 40 elev. Some movement. Glow fainter but rays brighter.
            14:10 Rayed arc. Very bright rays in SE, broad group and activereaching to about 60. Glow nowextends around to W. Short rays in SW.
            14:15 Similar. Ceased observing.
                (S45.8 E169.3) - Edievale, West Otago, New Zealand
            14:40 Broad pale pink ray just E of S up to 40 elev.
            14:44 Broad ray fading.
                (S41.3 E173.3) - Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand
            14:45 to 14:50 Glow, rayed arc or band. Rays continually shifted sideways from E to W while more rays appeared in the E. Mostly white and green with tinges of pink in the S and SE. The rays at the E were higher than those in the W, but when they shifted sideways and passed S became even higher reaching the zenith.
                (S45.9 E170.5) - Dunedin, New Zealand
            14:48 Broad ray still faint.
            14:50 Brighter ray to SSE. Faint rays between SE and S.
            14:52 Display fading.
            15:05 Faint rays between SE and S. Ray up to beta Hyi.
            15:12 Faint rays between SSE and S with a brighter ray to SSE. Faint glow faded as dawn approached.
                (S41.3 E173.3) - Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand

Feb 12 10:30 Pink and green rays through thin cloud in S.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand

Feb 25 08:45 to 09:30 Noticed a strong off-white glow in S to 9 elev, while observing comet Kudo-Fujikawa.
                (S45.1 E171.0) - Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand

Feb 26 09:40 to 10:00 Homogeneous glow az 150 to 230 to 8 elev. Similar brightness to Centaurus region of Milky Way.
                (S46.4 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand
            10:00 Glow SSE to SSW, IBC 2. Brightest in S. Strong line in spectroscope.
            10:10 Sudden rays in SW straight up to 20 elev. Quite active.
            10:30 Bright rays in SW. IBC 2. Glow on horizon SE to SW. Ceased observing.
            13:45 to 14:00 Sky clear. No aurora.
                (S45.8 E169.3) - Edievale, West Otago, New Zealand