All dates and times UTC

Sep 1 15:20 Whole sky seemed to be lit up. There was no Moon. Observed this for 70 minutes.
                (S46.4 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand (1)

Sep 9 approx. 10:00 Green band SE to S between hill and cloud.
            16:20 Very bright white SE to S between hill and cloud.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand

Sep 12 10:30 Bright green band and white glow SE to S with a few lazy rays.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand
            11:00 to 11:50 Glow and pulsating rays in S (from LMC to Pointers) bright enough to blot out faintest stars.
                (S46.1 E169.3) - Saddle NW of Waipahi, South Otago, New Zealand

Sep 18 10:15 to 10:25 Glow az 160 - 230, elev 20 seen through thin cloud. IBC 3.
                (S46.4 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand (2)

Sep 19 08:50 Glow SE to S.
                (S46 E170) - Otago-Southland flying at 4000 ft, New Zealand
            10:45 to 10:55 Greenish-white glow in cloud gaps az 200 to 260, elev 15.
                (S46.4 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand (2)
            12:30 Sudden appearance of greenish homogeneous glow SE to WSW to 20 elev, IBC 3, with two thick red rays reaching to 30 elev in WSW. Seen though average suburban light pollution.
                (S41.5 E147.2) - Norwood, Tasmania, Australia
            approx. 12:30 Glow and rays seen.
                (S34.0 E137.7) - Wallaroo/Kadina, Australia
            12:41 Activity caught observer by surprise while sorting out camera gear! A single white ray suddenly appeared about az 165 rising to an elev of about 12. Over next 13 minutes rays came and went with up to six at a time spanning across 60 to 70 of sky biased 60% W of S. There was a very strong pink colour for about two minutes in two thick rays W of S. The other colours in rays were mainly white/grey as well as a cyan tinge to the glow on the horizon just before and after the main ray activity.
                (S35.4 E138.5) - Myponga, South Australia
            12:50 Drove from Norwood to a location 5 km to S where horizon was lower. By this time the red rays had subsided and there was only a hint of colour left near the horizon and then soon disappeared. The dominant feature of the display was strong, bright flaming with a frequency of 3 Hz. There was a vague appeaance of vertical structure in two or three places along the horizon; the most persistent occurring in the SSW, and there were one or two brief patches in the SW at about 10 elev. Otherwise the background light was a homogeneous arched glow down to the horizon. The activity was soon subsiding and by about 13:05 it was only IBC 1 and activity continued to die down. It was by far the strongest lighting effect of its kind that we have ever seen, with wide bands of bright light rising upwards over the horizon-glow and merging into the darkness about 20 elev. In the SSW was one particular place where with each pulse the aurora seemed to curl clockwise above the top of a part of the display that almost had some ray structure (at about 12 elev). It was so fast and bright that it was reminiscent of electricty arcing upwards between diverging vertical electrodes that you might see in school labs or Frankenstein movies (but much more subtle)!
                (S41.5 E147.2) - Norwood, Tasmania, Australia
            13:36 to 13:40 Saw a couple of rays with no colour.
                (S35.4 E138.5) - Myponga, South Australia

Sep 20 08:50 Saw a glow on southern horizon.
                (S46 E170) - Otago-Southland flying at 4000 ft, New Zealand

Sep 26 approx. 10:00 Wide bands in S and SW. Green-white, blue, pink and a little yellow.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand

Sep 29 08:00 to 09:15 Glow at first fairly low but increased in size to about 8 elev.
                (S45.1 E171.0) - Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand
            09:15 Bluish-green glow directly below Southern Cross and couple of rays to 50 elev.
                (S43.7 E171.9) - Rakaia, mid-Canterbury, New Zealand

Sep 30 08:30 Light-green glow with rays.
                (S45.0 E170.9) - Weston, Oamaru, New Zealand
            08:40 to 09:10 Glow along southern horizon with rays shooting up and rose-pink patch. Then clouded over.
                (S46.5 E169.5) - Tautuku, South Otago, New Zealand
            08:40 Green-white glow az 130 to 270, to 15 elev. Above this, rose-pink ray bundles to elev, 60.
                (S46.4 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand (2)
            08:45 Auroral patch seen.
                (S43.4 E172.0) - Waddington, Canterbury, New Zealand
            08:50 Ray bundles now faded to averted vision visibility, showing the greenish glow reaching to 30 elev.
            08:56 Some more pink ray bundles apeared in S for 2 minutes.
            09:05 Mostly cloudy but green-white glow visible through cloud gaps.
                (S46.4 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand (2)
            09:05 Dull glow over hills to the south.
                (S45.9 E170.5) - Dunedin, New Zealand
            09:20 Glow SE to W to 20 elev, IBC 2.
            09:25 Single ray in W sloping towards N.
            09:30 Ray faded. glow still present. Ceased observing.
                (S45.8 E169.3) - Edievale, West Otago, New Zealand
            approx. 10:00 Wide white band in S and SW.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand
            10:15 Green patch and a red patch to S. There seemed to be a diffuse green glow after the patches dissipated amongst cloud in S. Also a strange looking ray reasonably separate from rest of display toward SW like a bright narrow javelin of light from horizon up to 45 elev.
                (S46.5 E168.4) - Invercargill, New Zealand
            12:15 Wide spread display now. Low arc, rays in SE to 40 elev; fainter due S. Faint rays in SW. Red glow above arc in SW and W.
            13:45 Greenish low arc, IBC 3 to 4. Dark below arc to horizon. Active in SE to SW breaking up into ray bundles. Red glow above arc in SW and extending to W. No activity in W. Most rays in SE.
            14:05 Similar as before. Ceased observing.
                (S45.8 E169.3) - Edievale, West Otago, New Zealand
            15:30 Quite bright green band rippling across sky in S to SSW up to about 20 elev.
                (S46.3 E168.0) - Riverton, Southland, New Zealand