All dates and times UTC

Oct 19 09:00 Heavy cloud and rain but break to south showed a reasonable glow.
                (S44.9 E168.9) - Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand
            10:00 Some movement, seen through thin cloud, of rays coloured white with a little pink and green.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand
            10:15 to 10:45 A quiet glow.
                (S41.5 E147.2) - Norwood, Tasmania, Australia
            10:15 Pale green glow to 30 elev., az 160 to 250, IBC 2. Considerable cloud in SW.
            10:20 As before with flaming IBC 2 to 20 or 30 elev in SW. (Cloud beginning to clear.)
            10:30 Still flaming. Glow brighter and green. Some rays seen with averted vision.
            10:35 Still flaming, to about 20. Arc to 3 elev. Possibly a second arc to 10 elev seen when illuminated by flaming. More rays and brighter, particularly in SW and in S. Glow now from ESE through S to W and up to 50 elev. Rays right across appearing to radiate from a point well below the horizon at az 200 approx. IBC 3 in brightest parts of display. Most cloud gone.
            10:45 Ceased observing, but still flaming with rays, arc and glow.
                (S46.5 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand
            11:00 Clouds silhouetted against a glow in SSE. There were changes but not rapid.
                (S45.9 E170.5) - Dunedin, New Zealand
            11:00 Distinct glow on horizon.
                (S46.5 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand
            11:00 to 13:00 Yellow rays in SSE, S and SSW (three distinct groupings). Bit of pink in SSW. Flaming.
                (S46.5 E169.7) - Owaka, South Otago, New Zealand
            11:30 "Most intense aurora since last solar max." Fully developed curtain curving its way across the sky from SE to S to SW. Rays up to 45 elev. Very bright green with tops tipped in red. Lots of movement along curtain as rays came and went. Some patches extremely bright. The reflections in the sea awesome.
                (S45.9 E170.5) - Dunedin, New Zealand
            11:30 to 12:30 Initially saw a faint, grey glow low down to SW. glow extended to about 5 elev. At times extinguishing alpha Lupus (mag 2.3 - elev 4 to 2 during observation period). About 12:00 glow slowly moved more to the S and some faint streaks up to 15. Started fading about 12:15. By 12:30 very little glow left so went home.
                (S43.6 E172.5) - Templeton, Canterbury, New Zealand
            12:10 to 13:20 Moderately rapid westwards and upwards develoment of rays as they brightened in 1 or 2 minutes and then fading and then repeating about 10 minutes later. Greatest activity developing into the highest rays in three regions; SSE, just W of S and W. Flashes of faint whitish light from about halfway up in S to SW - flaming.
                (S41.5 E147.2) - Norwood, Tasmania, Australia
            12:30 to 13:45 Green-white glow az 120 to 240, IBC 2. Slow upward rays, disconnected at times to a maximum of 60 elevation. IBC 3.
                (S42.9 E147.3) - Lenah Valley (Hobart), Tasmania, Australia
            13:00 Brilliant display of very bright pulsating rays and beams covering the western skies and to the S. Mainly greenish in colour with many of the rays reaching the zenith. Frequent very bright bursts on the horizon.
                (S46.5 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand
            13:00 Brilliant white, in fact it was dazzling, with a little bit of red around the edges.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand
            13:15 Greenish glow SE to W IBC 3. Rays along diffuse arc. Flaming brightest in SE. Rays in W reaching to nearly overhead. Rays along horizon short lived.
            13:45 Similar. Magnetometer moved to south from earlier reading. Lowest for month.
            14:05 Bright rayed arc. Flaming to zenith and appearing over most of the display. Very active. Pinkish glow above arc.
            14:15 Arc breaking up into brighter patches.
                (S45.8 E169.3) - Edievale, West Otago, New Zealand
            14:20 Substantial light green glow in S mixed with white colour, reaching to 10 elevation.
                (S45.1 E171.0) - Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand
            15:10 Glow still noticeable in cloud gaps.
                (S41.5 E147.2) - Norwood, Tasmania, Australia
            15:30 Bright in SE. Saw a few rays in S. One very prominent ray rising to 30 brighter than LMC. Some light pollution so was surprised to see the aurora.
                (S43.5 E172.9) - Christchurch, New Zealand
            15:30 approx. Mass of brilliant yellow.
                (S46.4 E169.8) - Otekura, South Otago, New Zealand
            15:45 Auroral display still going, similar to that seen by this observer around 14:00. IBC 3. Pinkish on top. Rays suddenly appeared along horizon.
                (S45.8 E169.3) - Edievale, West Otago, New Zealand
            16:00 Low intensity glow along W horizon.
                (S46.5 E168.3) - Otatara, Invercargill, New Zealand