Some Christchurch Radio Frequencies

Most popular scanner frequencies 

Service Frequency Description

Police Channel 1

485.275 also on 75.7375

Main Jobs etc.

Police Channel 2

485.225 also on 75.8125

Query person, Cars Drivers licence, etc. 

Police Channel 3

486.625 also on 75.3000

Beat and casual chit chat

Police Rural

485.925 also on  75.9250

North Canterbury, Ashburton etc.


141.3625 or 453.4125

Dispatch channel also lots of data etc.


76.275 or 75.7125

Dispatch channel

Fire ground crew simplex


Main Fireperson chat channel

Fire Major Incident simplex


Used during big Fires

Ambulance Pocsag Paging (DATA),  Decoder


DATA only channel

National pager system (DATA),       Decoder

157.925 or 157.950 flex

DATA only channel

Casino Security

461.6125  also 466.9625

Security guards

Christchurch Big Red Busses


Bus Control

Mountain Radio UHF link


Listen at 7:30pm for check ins

Hoyts 6 and 8 movies


General Chat while movies are on.

Jade Stadium LTD


Great for Rugby games

Cookie Time in Templeton


Tour guide channel

Red Badge Security (Holy Grail Sports Bar)


Holy Grail Sports Bar bouncers 

Northlands Mall Security


Cleaners + Security

Riccarton Mall Security


Cleaners + Security

Eastgate Mall Security


Cleaners + Security

TV Links

484.0500 TVNZ Live eye CHCH Ch1
  484.0250 TVNZ Live eye CHCH Ch2
  488.2500 TVNZ Simplex 1


488.2750 TVNZ Simplex 2


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